Glory Fight on WestCoast

Is this seriously being tape delayed for 11pm tonight on the WestCoast (PST)???

If anyone knows it would be appreciated. I'm getting so sick of these cards being on so late at night. if its actually on at 11pm, I sure as shit won't be watching. Which is a shame because I love me some Glory kick boxing. Phone Post 3.0

Yea, you have to check with your cable/satellite provider's schedule though.

On Directv in L.A., it's airing at 8pm.

I'm going to resort to using a stream on my PC so I can watch it live, while I watch RFA on AXS at 7pm.

The hotel I'm at for work has the worst WiFi. Can't stream anything, or I would. Watching cops on Spike right now, it says 10/11central. I'll try check the program guise though, fingers crossed.

Thanks Phone Post 3.0