Just want to wish Mark best of luck tomorrow with his fight with Doug Evans at UFC!

I've been a big fan of Mark since he started to compete in local grappling tournaments,to the Copa Pacifica tournaments in the U.S. to ADCC and now UFC! Im sure he will be able to excel in MMA the same way and one day be a contender as well!



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Mark Bocek grappling

Canadian Abu Dhabi Trials 2005

Good luck Mark!!

Good luck Mark!

War Bocek!!!


Kick his ass Mark!


Good luck Mark, your awsome.

Kick his ass Mark


boc the coach!!


Congrats Mark!

Mark Bocek vs. Douglas Evans
Round 1
Bocek came out looking for a takedown from the sound of the bell. Bocek then threw a lazy headkick which was countered by Evans, who landed a left-right combo that buckled his opponent's knees. Several sprawls later, Bocek was able to secure a takedown and move to side-control, but he could do nothing with the position. 10-9 for Evans.

Round 2
Bocek starts the second frame much like the first, shooting for takedowns and getting stuffed by Evans. On his fourth attempt, Bocek swooped in and scored a double-leg takedown. Evans got back to his feet, only to be slammed hard back to the ground, where Bocek punished him with elbows from half-guard. As the round ended, Evans sported a cut over his left eye from Bocek's elbows. 10-9 for Bocek.

Round 3
Bocek got a single-leg takedown to kickoff the final frame. After several minutes of inactivity, referee Herb Dean stood the fighters up. Another takedown from Bocek followed. Evans looked briefly for a triangle and an armbar from the bottom but he could not mount any offense. Dean again stood the fighters up before time expired. 10-9 for Bocek. All three judges score the contest 29-28 for Mark Bocek.


Awesome!!! That is just kick ass!

congrats to Mark on the win!