Go the Green Machine

Go Green Machine.

Congrates to Green for wanting to fight the best in the world and not taking the easy oppion and fighting for another easier title (like another Supermiddle weight). I think this is a huge step for Green but i have a good feeling and i don't thin Fenech would of taken the fight if he did honestly think Green could win, esspecially after the Beyer fight.
Just hope either way there is not contiversy involved and a winner comes out either way and then smashes Beyer!

Bring on Beyer! :)

HUGE congrates to Danny. Now mundine must come out and fight Green....

No Mundine doesn't have to fight Green now,they are both Interim Champs.

1st Green must fight Beyer and Mundine must fight Ottke then if they both win they can have a Unification bout.

Interim Champs can't Unify a Weight Division.
This fight might happen in late 2004,maybe.

Green will beat Mundine IMO.Way too strong and I reckon Mundine won't like the pressure.


After Mundine saw Greens fight there is no way in hell he will be getting into the ring with Green in the near future!

Also think Green wont have to fight Beyer as i think Beyer will also have watched the fight and he will not fight Green in Feb when he has to.

Would love to see Green fight Ottke beat him and then hold the 3 world titles and then see Green refuse to even fight Mundine (personly think that would piss Mundine off more) and force Mundine to have to go up to Light Heavy in his quest to get a real world title!

As a Danny Green fan it pains me to say it, but I think if Mundine utilised that shit boring fight style he used against Echolls- Green might find himself on the wrong end of a decision...

Mick i think the difference between Green and Echols is Green can throw straight punches, can't remember Echols throwing one straight punch for the fight. And i bet if Mundine tries his holding on with Green he will end up on the floor more times than he did in the Sullivan fight!

Isn't it funny how Green and Fenech are aready talking about winning all the major titles and will fight anyone anywhere and Mundine is fighting someone no one even knows, whos not even ranked by the WBA! ;(

WhiteWhale i do agree with you about him going to the body more, but isn't it funny that Lucas said he quit because of an old rib injury that got hurt in the fight again in the 2 round. Lucky Danny mainly punches to the head. hahaha

Echols let Mundine hold him. Sullivan didn't and i'll bet anything Green wont let him hold either!