Godzilla V Twister

Instead of all this drama, why don't they just fight? This whole thing is being thrown out of proportion....

Why would fighters not handle this drama in the ring instead of the way they are handleing it?

Gabe....you and Eddie should just settle this in the ring.

They could do it at the WEC benefit show in July.

Eddie has zero MMA fights. Godzilla has 10 or 11 MMA fights. It's not very hard to predict the outcome of a potential fight here.

Have it be a special rules match. The fights at the July WEC show are exhibition anyway.

eddie should have thought about that before talking shit to godzilla


Fuck, what did I miss?!?!!

lol who got attorneys involved?


betiss kicks sleeping dog

Neither Eddie nor Gabe got attornies involved, and in fact Eddie came online and expressed a desire to bury the hatchet and talk things through, so really, this is unnecessarily inflammatory and uninformed.

Epstein is correct.

No, I didn't kick a sleeping dog.....You guys don't know whats going on right now....I'm not going to discuss it though

Failed takedown... your a redneck with no knowledge and your definetely not "Supa"

Ring Girl, your funny and your always one sided views are old.
Epstein, stick to the re-runs of Welcome back Carter

Betiss -- yes I do.

kidd -- I'm friends with both Gabe and Eddie, so nice try with the 'one-sided' comment.

ring girl, Im talking about all your other post. I know that you are friends with both sides, its just funny when Gabe fights you are so narrow minded on your views. just my opinion

LOL - right, sorry, I won't root for my friends from now on. So silly of me. I really shouldn't have any faith in their abilities or support their goals.

Last I saw, Eddie offered to bury the hatchet and Gabe accepted. That
was here on this forum, about a week ago.

Epstein, that was lame...Ring girl your right I stand corrected
I cant help myself sometimes Im a smartass.

If it were over....we wouldn't be going threw this "DRAMA"....Eddie would have had it resolved on his side...

Betiss - the current issue, to which you're referring, has nothing to do with Eddie, so please don't drag him back into it.