Going to Japan...

Hey all, I'm heading to Japan this May. I'll be there for a week and I was wondering what are some must see things, as far as MMA goes, in Japan? Anything anyone can think of specifically? Also any sites or places I should go while I'm there that don't involve MMA? Wanting to get the most of my trip so I'm planning early. I appreciate any help. Thanks

CobraKaiMMA....shoot me an e-mail and I'll hook you up with some essential places to go MMA wise. Look forward to a loooooong email from me.
- Juggs (Australia)

e-mail is planetofthetapes@yahoo.com

How much was your ticket?
Where is a good place to get cheap flights to Japan. How much should I expect to pay?
I want to go this year preferably anytime between april and october.

if you're gonna be there in may, maybe you can catch the cherry blossoms blooming, depends what part of the country you're gonna be in

What about the difficulty and cost of getting a passport?
I heard it is difficult now with the whole terrorism scare stuff going on. What do they typically ask for? How much does it cost to get a passport now?



I am in Chicago and am very interested in going to Japan. Can you tell me more about the deal and such?




Why take the bus to Tokyo? U should go by shinkansen (Bullet train). Not much difference in price and a hell of a lot faster.


Hody, I took a one-way bus to Tokyo from Osaka for 5,000 yen. But the shinkansen cost 30,000 yen (one-way). Yes, the shinkansen is a hell of a lot faster, but it's also a hell of a lot more expensive. Unless there's a special deal for the shinkansen I'm not aware of... I'm not a student, so maybe that makes a difference.


Lautaro, hmmm you got killed on that shinkansen price. 30,000 yen should cover a round trip to Osaka...