Going to OZ 20th March - Info?

Hi Guys, Im off to Sydney on 20th of this month from Ireland. Are there any shows coming up that I can catch while Im there for 3 weeks?




cant help you with that sorry rob... the only thing I know is that brisbane will be the place to be on the 20th of march!! ;)

In April there is an ISKA event. Some Amateur Shooto (see www.shooto.com.au for details) and later in the month the NSW Federation first Gi event.


Woo hoo!!

ok,ok, i meant mma shows guys.

Elvis - Thanks, I'll check it out.

BenBJJ - I will be staying in Balmain, although Im not sure where that is. Apparently it is only 15 mins from that Shooto event in April, so I hope to make that. Anyone know anything about tickets or is it pay on the day?

Maybe i could drop over for a roll with you guys while im there? I checked out your website, so im sure i can find the gym.

Balmain is down the road a bit from Concord (where my gym is located). Check out www.sinosicperosh.com.au if you're interested in doing any training while out here.


Thanks Elvis, will do.