Going to the fights??

Roll call??  I won tickets today on a radio station, Dana was doing a trival contest on the UFC and I won, who's going?


Sell them!! Make your cash and buy the ppv.

I live close to Anaheim and imo seeing it live is so much more exciting.

it is, you just can't see thru the cage well.

small sacrafice to pay imo.

i agree have fun


loudgrl...seeing the UFC live is much more exciting, but I wouldn't recommend going to the UFC without a qualifed and experienced bodyguard.  Anaheim becomes a jungle when the UFC is in town and it's not safe for a lady unless you have protection.  I think I still have Saturday open, let me know, LOL. 


Thanks Sam, I was at the first fight at Anaheim earlier in the year and didnt have any problems, but I appriciate the offer

Damn...looks like I'll be watching the PPV.  Have a great time.

Anaheim is much safer then Staples Center,  now that was scary walking back to my car.

MrBigJohnsn...I was joking you trolling clown.  I've been married almost 14 years.  No way my lovely wife would let me go with loudgrl to the UFC.  BTW, calling yourself MrBigJohnsn doesn't make it so, you aren't fooling anyone pee wee.

LOL @ being in my prime 65 years ago!

Gary Hughes, 53 And Still Kicking

ttt for MrLittleJohnsn

yes, ill be there for sure. im really looking foward to griffins fight, hughs and bjs, and lambert vs. rashad.

damnit, i wish i was!!!! ur one lucky sob!!!! enjoy it and report back asap!!