Goldberg doesnt understand his job


You are a play by play guy, you describe the action that you see

Joe Rogan is the analyst. He is the paid expert opinion.

Mike you are not an analyst. JOE IS THE ANALYST.

I dont care what you think about the shoot, or how well you think a guy is throwing his kicks.....just describe what you see.....NO OPINIONS!  JUST WHAT YOU SEE!



goldie does just fine


 I agree.  The guy sucks it hard

He sucks.

Goldie is awesome.

I was watching it on mute anyway. It was refreshing.

LOL at a fan on the internet telling a UFC commentator how to do his job.

 half of what he says is him repeating the same names over and over

the beautiful arianny, mike goldberg, joe rogan.......

gonna make a drinking game for next ufc I think, and everytime joe shouts "ALRIGHT I'M HERE WITH...." you have to chug chug chug

HendosToyinExplodingBoy - LOL at a fan on the internet telling a UFC commentator how to do his job.

What's wrong with that? It's his job to describe to us, the viewer, what is happening in the cage and he fails miserably.

He's turned into a caricature of himself. He spits out the same phrases over and over and over to the point where they no longer mean anything.

"Are you kidding me!" - Mike Goldberg
(No, Goldberg, we're not kidding you. STFU.)

I find his commentary hilarious. Are you that fucking stupid that you can't understand what your watching unless he explains it to you? ROFL

bad night for golide. he was really annoying last night.

MMA does not follow the normal play-by-play and color commentator rules of other sports.  Mauro Ranello is also  a play-by-play guy, but he interjects plenty of opinion and stries/anecdotes into his commentating.  Ditto for Michael Schiavello. 

MMA announcing is much different than the traditional sports announcing.  The play-by-play man does a bit of color commentary and the color man does quite a bit of play-by-play.


goldie is great, perfect timing and is always aware of the direction he needs to lead viewers, sure he may come off as a simpsons character every now and again but he's defenately cant be replaced. michael schiavello is useless, puts you to sleep and has the worst voice ever, everytime you watch an event he is commentating it makes the event feel B Grade.

 OH!  There's a TEEP, Joe!

Goldie has a specific role to play that is not just standard play by play, his job is to inform the casual fan the story of the fighters and their background. In some instances he gets lost in that role and mistimes things. Further, like a lot of radio broadcasts he has a ton of spots he (advertising for sponsors and UFC future programming) that he is trying to work into the broadcast. Goldie is working a combined script and play by play role in a fast action sport it is inevitable at some points things go wrong.

I cant stand it when its NOT Goldie and Rogan

they are the standard

 Goldie is doing just fine, i've actually grown to like the guy.


Goldie saying that Emerson should turn his hip in an unnatural direction to check a kick was painful.