Gomi/Azeredo postfight melee?

As a victim of this InDemand debacle, I didn't get to see Bushido.. But I
read somewhere that there was another melee after the Gomi/Azeredo
fight.. can someone describe what happened?

didn't happen, they were cool

no azeredo acted like he won even though he got 2 teeth knocked out.


i though those were already gone?

I think the Melee was after they fought last time... GOmi KOed him and kept hitting him as the ref was pulling him off, and it took quite a few people to pull them apart.

I was wondering about his teeth as well-were they knocked out in the fight?

Dude was lucky to get out of that fight conscious.

that fight wasn't anywhere near draw.

Azeredo came out looking for KO against Gomi until he got tagged on the mouth a few times by Gomi. Azeredo ran the whole time to get to the decision. Gomi looked tired from his previous fight with Kawajiri, but he kept coming after Azeredo, trying to KO him.

Gomi won decisively.

Azeredo was game, but Gomi definately won.

Gomi dominated that fight. Azeredo was in dire straights a number of times.