Gomi vs Pulver

How do u guys see this fight going? I think pulver has been doing an awesome job at 143.. i think this fight is going to be a bad move.. i think gomis reach is going to give him problems as well as his chin and endurance.Pulver always has that left hand on his side ..but i dont know. So how do u see going?

jens ate some big shots from palling, but still was able to get the KO, this could go several ways i jus hop jens does what he has been doing and comes to fight rather than comes not to lose like his boring days in the UFC, if he is fightig to win it will be very exciting, and could go either way, yet my heart is pickin gomi via tko

Its just great seeing Pulver getting a much deserved shot at the big show again. Nonetheless, he's facing a monster in Gomi and wont be able to stop his takedowns and ground and pound to victory.

Gomi by decision. Thats realistic

There is a HUGE topic goin on about this on sherdog that I just read. I still feel that Jens' boxing is gonna be too much for Gomi.

I feel Pulver's wrestling is being underestimated by a lot of people nowadays, probably because he does pro boxing now and people will start to see him as one dimensional. He still has good wrestling skills, good enough at least to keep him on his feet and work the KO.


You guys don't realize how unreal Gomi's chin is.He's taken some hard shots,and the only time I have seen him dropped was by a flush kick to the face,and he stood up right away from that.I could see Jens winning by decision,but he's not going to KO Gomi.

You never know Jens has a lot of power in his hands.Jens by KO!

Jens is looking like the Jens of old size wise. But skill wise his boxing and Jiu-Jitsu are leaps and bounds above what they used to be. This is not just from my observations, but from my husband Spencer who spars with him. Jens by KO.

If John Lewis' reach wasn't a problem for Jens then I don't see Gomi's reach being a problem.

It's a toss up.

i like jens dont get me wrong.. but i think the people saying he s going to ko gomi are underestimating him. gunjinX had a great point.. i ve only seen gomi knocked down once..with a flush kick to the temple and he popped right back up and kicked the guys ass all over the place and ended up getting the tko.. i dont think some of you understand how big of a reach diff. theres going to be, and if you seen gomis last fight in bushido ..his stand up looked pretty impressive..looked like a lil silva with the knees and punches.. from a southpaw stance. i think thats also going to be different for pulver. i know he s got robbie. But still. Plus pulver likes to counter and gomis super aggresive.. if pulver covers being as short as he is.. gomi his going to grab his head and plant a knee right in his face. And yes pulvers been doing good lately AT 145! his last few fights at 155 wernt exactly highlights Duane and Maxwell. And i think were more likely to see pulver get ko d then gomi. Also gomi is going to be shooting and punching.. this will make jens defensive.. because he ll be worried about the takedown then boom gomi opens up with strikes. I think pulvers best chance is to surprise gomi early with some hard body shot combos.. i think it would also be smart of pulver to fight his old style of punching and gnp and take gomi down or atleast try. My hearts with pulver..but my brains telling me gomi. So there ya have it..