Gonzaga -vs- Barnett

Very closely matched, IMO.

Both very big with submission skills on par with the best.

Weight is equal, height and strength are pretty equal as well.

I see Gabriel's standup being the difference maker, but Josh is VERY crafty.


Love to see it.

Barnett takes this.

Barnett by sneaky toe-hold in the third.

Barnett obviously has the experience to lean back on. He has fought the best.

These two are among the most evenly matched at HW today.

I see this being a war of attrition like the Barnett -vs- Nog fight.

Good fight.

He popped for roids.

There are fighters who tested positive that are back. I would think if Dana had the opportunity to sign Josh and both parties were amicable, it would happen.

Very, very good matchup.

This has fight of the year written all over it.

Unless, of course, they sign the Couture -vs- Fedor fight.......

Barnett easily, better cardio, better stand up, more experience and he's just tougher.

I'd love to see these guys going after subs on each other.

BJJ world champ vs. top notch catch wrestler

Anyone that says either guy would win easily is a dope.

This would be a lot better fight than Barnett fans believe.