Good books on eating healthy?

Any suggestions on some good books that deals with eating healthy? Recipes,glycymic index etc..

Natural Hormonal Enhancement from

"Optimum Sports Nutrition" by Michael Colgan, Ph.D.

paleo diet (protein, fat, less carbs)

protein power (protein, fat, less carbs)

pH Miracle (mostly alkaline veggies, less meat, some fruit) Randy Coutoure's diet before fighting Tito.

Basically you need diets that help control your insulin. If you can control your insulin then you are on your way. And stay away from foods cooked in partially hydrogenated oils. It's a heart attack in the making.

There is a book I just picked up from the library called "Slow Burn". It is about an ultra distance marathoner and he talks about his diet. He actually combines the best of some of these diets - Mediterrainian diet, Alkaline Diet (pH Miracle), Blood Type Diet, and your basic low carb diet. He states how he broke records and never seems to fatigue on this way of eating. So these are some books you can check out and research, and maybe combine into your own ultimate diet. I'm in the process of doing that now.

good luck


Here's a good list of books to avoid.