good bye UG

As much fun i've had this last month , posting threads, disccusing interesting topics, i'm afraid i have to let you forever, bye fellow ug'errs

Whatever. Phone Post

lol take care bud. Nice of you to stop by. 11'rs gonna 11.



Explain? Phone Post


Ragequit? Phone Post

See ya Phone Post


Say it ain't so!

 You better actually go through with it.  People who say they are going to leave and then don't are scum.


Administrator -  


cya bitch

 Watch that door on your way out.

 You got married?

crowbar -  You got married?

Castrated. Married guys still post

Chris -  tro11s

 As douchey as I find the whole 11'er thing, this had me legit laughing my ass off for some reason.