Good Head gear for cauliflower ears?

I already have cauliflower ears. My ears are starting to flare up again. So I pulled out my old asics head gear from my junk drawer that I purchased from Sports Authority. It's a ten dollar asics. I guess it's the cheap standard type.

I'm looking for something sturdy, good shock absorber, not so bulky & easy to clean. Any suggestions?

This is what I used for wrestling. Worked the best for me. Only headgear I ever used that didn't come off, and didn't move around.

10 stars.

Believe it or not Dick's Sporting Goods has a few guards to choose from that are decent. If you have one in your neck of the woods, it can't hurt to check them out.

^^^yes indeed...

How effective is head gear at preventing cauliflower ears? Also, im pretty sure there are those that are hard shell, and those with soft? Anyone better at protection?

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