Good Luck Antonio!

Hopefully you get a chance to read this before you catch your flight. But everyone from the Behring team already knows what the end result will be. You just got to go make it happen.

Go out west and chalk up another W for your already impressive record!

Good luck Toni



All the best Antonio, give'er!!

Good luck Pato! TTT for the SEXUAL!!

Tony's looking great. I saw him last night at Shah's.

I went in to do some stand-up with Shah (HOLY SMOKES THAT WAS AWESOME) and Tony came in SMILING as Shah was playing tag with every inch of my

Tony, Shah, BEWWWLLLL, and I spoke for a good hour afterwards. Physically, Tony is ready; that goes without saying, but mentally, I can't believe how sharp he is. He's on point. Shah and I threw out some scenarios to him and he blasted us both with his articulate theories.

Travel day today for Tony and Shah. Tommorow is the big day. I won't sleep well until I find out the results.

Kick ass Tony...and remember what Showdown Joe And it's not the tapes...:) Forget the walk the walk my man. See you on Tuesday bro.

Best of luck to Antonio.




All the best Antonio.

Congratulations Antonio!