Good Luck Bartimus

just wanted to say good luck to bart as he fights in the IFL championship tonight. i've had the privilege of seeing (and reffing) a few of his fights and the kid deserves to be a part of such a great show.

i remember seeing him KO jim bruketta in like 10 seconds back in the day at some kickboxing show in Peoria and the kid has gotten progressively better.

i think alot of young fighters can learn from his example. bart went like 0-4 when he went pro, was able to work through that and is now one of the elite in his weight class.

he's paid his dues, worked his way to the top and hopefully he'll get a ring.

good luck from the Combat-Do crew

kick a$$ man


I agree. Great fighter and a huge heart. Good luck!

GOOD LUCK !!!!!!! bart not that youll need it bro

Cole Escovedo

bart by KO, round 3

Brutal KO, Schultz got taken away on a stretcher! Hope he's allright! Congrats to Bartimus and the rest of the Silverback's on their victory.