Good Luck Benny Glossop

I wanna wish my bro, Benjamin Glossop, best of luck tonight in his fight. Kick some ass bro!

I haven't seen "F-15" around here for a while. Let's go "Hollywood" Benjamin Glossop! The streak starts at 1, brah!

Mike, his current handle is 'Fera Braba'


War Ben!

If you win I'll shave my head in celebration!

Benny lost. 34sec. in Rd. 1 via Guillotine.

Still proud of you bro. Keep you chin up.

Props to Benny for getting in there to test his skills!

ttt good luck

is it just me or does benny's opponent look like he's 50 lbs heavier??? wtf?

and lol at someone named "Jarrod "Wild" CARD.

lol! that is so white trash it is like someone couldn't even make up a decent nickname for the poor bastard.

Benny good luck brother!

Any results?

Benny lost. 34sec. in Rd. 1 via Guillotine.

No biggie. He'll be back.

damn. keep your head up buddy!! Benny and I were roomates at his first fight in Elite Cagefighting 1, I can't believe how time flies!

Hang in there, Benny!

Well, first of all, thanks for the support.  I am heartbroken and embarrassed and I learned something very important.  I am way to little for 155.  I was overwhelmed by Lee's strength and he's one of the strongest guys I've ever competed with.  I was just blown away.  I just have to fight at 145 or 135 where even though I'm 5'10"... I'll have some equal strength to share with my technique. 

I am proud and honored that I got to fight for the U.S. Marines at their Camp LeJeune base and it wasn't easy fighting one of their own.  I've never been the bad guy from out of town before, LOL.  Lee Stuckey is awesome and I am really happy that I got to fight someone who's become a friend and who will have a very bright future.

Again, thanks for the support.... back to the drawing board!


PS -- I think I would have won if the ref didn't take the Ninja throwing stars out of my shorts when I entered the cage.  I will be filing a complaint with the Commission because as a NINJA I just don't think it was fair. 


We're still proud of you Ben! Win or lose, you fought. I hope you enjoyed the experience. See you around town buddy.

Ben if you start fighting at 135 me and you are gonna have to square off in the cage!! jk, love ya buddy

135 would be a difficult cut but not out of the question.  I felt better at 155 than I did fighting at 170 and I think I'll be much more comfortable at 145 or even 135 (if it won't kill me to cut another 20lbs). 

Tommy you are an awesome 135er and I would definately have to use my throwing stars on you, LOL.