Good Luck, Denis!

Didn't realize you already left. Good Luck and all the best!

Keep in touch with the boyz in Canada, eh!


Denis is in Korea right now, and will be coming back to Vancouver for a week or so before moving to Florida to train with Top Team.

I agree with you though: good luck at ATT and in your future fighting plans Denis! We'll be watching and cheering and saying things like "I knew him back when....."

Best of luck Dennis. Can't wait to see you fight in the new year.

Hey Stephan can you drop me a line at

Denis is going no where but up! This is a great move for him to better his career..... its just to bad we are losing our teacher...:(

All the best to one of the elite in the game...don't forget about home :)


Best of luck to Denis. Maybe now they'll give him his shot in one of the big shows. Can't wait to see him there.

He will get a shot for sure!
Good move Denis!!!