Good Luck Joe Doherty @ ROF 14!!!

I want to take this opportunity to wish Joe Doherty of Team Wiseman GOOD LUCK in his Ring of Fire debut Dec. 11th. Joe is facing ADCC Veteran and grappling Phenom. Nobu Yagai of Japan. This will be a tough test for Joe, but I know he'll represent Team Wiseman & Miletich Fighting Systems with PRIDE!!!

how is Joe's sprawl looking :)

Those rubber Japanese fighters are a PAIN IN THE ASS!

I promise that Joe hasnt fought anyone like this before...And probably won't again. Its like fighting jello...

This is a hard fight to train for because no one fights like those guys around here.

If Joe works on his sprawl and ground D, I think he can win. If Joe gets taken down just one time, he better not think about staying down there with the rubberman. It may feel like you are overpowering them but they can catch you.

Good Luck Joe!

Ya, Best of luck. Get one back (PEARL HARBOR!) LOL!!!!

On a real note now my boy Joe will put on a show for all the Ring of Fire fans and you can quote me on that.


We're aware of Nobu's grappling abilities; however, this is NOT a grappling's a FIGHT.

Gerald Strebent (spelling?) had incredible Twister Jiu-jitsu, but Josh Thompson knocked him out on the GROUND!!! We know that if Joe loses it will be by submission, but I promise that Joe will put on a show, don't count Joe out...this is the first fight that he's not given up 15+ lbs. and he's PUMPED!!!



Joe has much better Jiu-jitsu that I thought he would have. He's a very solid fighter. Good luck to him in ROF.

Good luck Joe and Team Wiseman! Team Lethal is rooting you guys on.

Brad Kenealy

I have seen joe fight before. He is a tough cat! Good luck to him and the rest of the team as well. I'll be there in the crowd to root you on.



I just mentioned about the rubber thing because I had a chance to grapple with a group of Japanese jjers at UNO about 4 years ago. Hiro something and ... not good with Japanese names :) I forgot his name

point is it took me like 2 hours of getting my ass kicked before I realized what was going on. He was just waiting for my hips to get out of position for one second - which was easy because I felt like I was controlling him and I would become over confident...

Then he would go for this bullshit triangle crap or an arm bar.

My way of dealing with this kind of grappler was to be in constant scramble mode. I never tried a normal guard pass and simply stood up and controlled the legs. Keep in mind we were not striking as this was just submission wrestling. I am also going to go out on a limb and say most of the good JJJ have terrible takedowns without a tie up.

You go from Nick Wright who is an excellent wrestler turned fighter with a great single but limited submission skills to a fighter with limited wrestling and striking skills with world class submissions.

Last words of advice (like you needed to hear it) Those fucking Japanese guards are weird! Don't lose this fight because you think you can ground and pound inside the guard. I wouldnt even throw a punch to the face in his guard.

edited because I cant spell

I would imagine Joe would want to stand with him.


I was one of Jens Pulver's training partners during the late 90's & early 00's.  I helped him prepare for Joao Roque & Caol Uno (to name some of the good grapplers Jens fought).  I remember everyone saying that if Joao, Uno, Dennis Hallman, or BJ Penn got Jens to the ground it would be over in 30 seconds...results...he won every fight.

Piont being...Joe reminds me of Jens in terms of his dedication to training and his conditioning, as well as his ability to take a fight plan and execute it.  Joe is still young and I expect big things from him in the future at 135 lbs.  One of Joe's training partners, Brad Garrick, is VERY good at Jiu-jitsu.  He has the ability to see someone do a technique and duplicate it immediately.  When I took him to Pat's he would watch the guys working new techniques...he'd come over to me and say let me try this...BAM!  He had it down perfectly.  He'll have Joe's jiu-jitsu ready to go!  You don't have to be Brazilian, Japanese, or whatever to be good at don't have to have the last name...Gracie or Machado either.  Case in point...Jeremy Horn & Jason Black!!!

Besides he has Luke Caudillo & I beating on him everyday! 

Nice to see people supporting the Midwest Fighters!   

Thanks for the support Team Lethal!!!

I was talking about soft / friendly JJJ vs kick your ass constant attack transition to submission BJJ.

my background is wrestling and BJJ - and let me tell you there is a big difference in the two styles. I don't want joe to fall down the trap that others have with that "rubber guard"

---Just a small note---

I HATE Japanese fighters - except for Saku

90% of them are the most boring fighters on the planet. In general Japanese MMA fighters simply have not done the kind of cross training that other athletes have. They should stick to judo and leave MMA to the men...

Joe - pound that mofo Japense wannabe fighter's ass all the way back to Japan - and take the scenic route through Siberia on your way back!

Kelly or Luke when do you guys go train with the MFS boys? We need to get Nick up there, his submission defense and gaurd passes have improved so much since his last fight and I think training with the MFS fighters will help him a lot.




Its only a 4 hour drive it's well worth it.

Bk3rdgree.. you must drive granny style! I make it in 3.

As for the Nobu vs. Joe match.. I think the crowd is going to get their money's worth in this match alone. Joe has all the talent in the world, and is continuosly looking to finish. Nobu is a real technical grappler who is also capable of some dynamic attacks. Styles make fights, and stylistically this one is off the hook. If the MMA world ever gets off their ass and starts using the FLYWEIGHT division to it's full potential, either guy could and would be a superstar.

-Sven BOOGIE Bean