Good luck Kyle "KO" Noke

He is fighting in Elite XC this weekend. Hope he does well. Dude is a true talent.

GO OFF THE RICTA.........time to eat

I am delighted that Kyle is on this card and his match is televised. Seth has just been extended for 6 fights, so this is a great opportunity for Kyle to show the world what he can do.

I am very confident we will see the best Kyle NOKE that we have ever seen too.

Can't wait for this, time to bet a few $$$$ as he should open long.


I agree good to see a guy who has been very active in the Aus MMA scene for years get a well deserved shot overseas.

Noke by Choke!

Kick ass Kyle!

check out for all the media. news section.

Smart $$ appears to be on Kyle kids!!


Kyle Noke by doctor stoppage(big elbow) towards the end of round 2! Thats our boy.

Cant remember seeing a bigger cut in seperation of the skin than that one!!
Great fight, well done Kyle.