good luck PECKER!

Alex Gasson fights this weekend for K.I.C.K N.American title, 9 rounds. Also good luck to Brian, Chris, and Lorenzo fighting in Chicago.

Hey! Good luck man!


Good luck fellas :)

good luck pecker, if for no other reason than you know how to party after an event.

I have been working with Pecker preparing for this event for 2 full months and he is definately ready!!!

His opponent is Aaron Lassi who is one of the mid-wests best Kickboxers. This should be a great war. With a KO from the Pecker.

Just a little info, this event is the one Londoner Derrick Clements fought in where he passed away a few hours after his bout about 4 years ago. This bout will be dedicated to his memory.......

Kick some ass Alex. In dedication for Derrick.

Kick ass Pecker!!!!!

Shawn, hit'em hard with your Pecker !