Good Luck Ray Elbe

My Brother called me from the Springs and said Mark Kerr and magical Ray were fighting tonight. It was in the paper apparently. The Cronicle or something. So good luck!

i think u mean wes simms

I meant those are the 2 names he recognized, not that they were fighting each other

have a good time Ray steve you now your instructor . so are you purpel ....... still you know from when I RNC you ha ha ha love you bud . Do not have coumputer have to call me to talk shi6 . payatention steve

Elbe is not fighting, there is a big thread about it called promoters screws Ray Elbe. Check it out, total Bullshit. I am sure Elbe will fight soon, he is wanting to fight and he hasn't fought in a while so expect him to fight soon.

sory Ray I ment your old instructor OMS