Good luck Stephane Vignault!

Good luck Stephane as well as my boys Donald Ouimet, David Loiseau and Yves Jabouin! All your hard training will pay off this weekend! Have a great time guys!


TTT for my buddys , Stephane is probably the hardest working guy at training and it will pay off for sure.


Bonne chance Steph!!!

Good luck Stephane!!

Hey maybe someone could as Vignault what hotel are those guys staying at? I'm certain they would know....


They are staying at Clarion Hotel. But i found a cheap room in another motel 10 minutes away at 55 $ a night.

yl2...$55 a night..but it has a heart shaped bed that vibrates with plastic sheets on it and for an extra $10 you get an hour with the 50 year old x-stripper "Corona" who runs the front desk!

Bonne nuit mon ami!

Colangelo is staying in Style!

are you guys familiar with got a room for the event at the quality inn for $35USD. it's for US residents but you can trick the system if you have a Mastercard and enter any US address when asked... i've been using it for years.

I was looking for that kind of heart shaped bed that vibrates...Seriously there were no more rooms availables at Clarion and anyway i don't care less where i sleep because i will probably be drunk anyway...

....drunk and waking up with abeer bottle up your ass! lovely! :o)

"....drunk and waking up with abeer bottle up your ass! lovely! :o)"

Sounds like I missed the Colangelo family reunion again..

Damn it all the hell.. ;(

You guys are all jealous of my wild partys!!!!!

JHR, you're the one that lives in the sticks dude...and you're wife although she is a pretty woman...has a striking resemblance to go outside and kill supper!

I think Mark just called JHR pretty. :)