Good Luck Tim Hague!

Just wanted to say good luck to Tim Hague tomorrow night. Knock this guys head off. Tim's a good guy and trains hard and deserves this win.

Good luck From all the guys at Gracie Barra Fort Mcmurray!


Real nice guy. Best of luck, Tim.

 hell yes war to Hague!!!! you can do it!!!!! rip his fucking head off!  just imagine that in a Rob Shnider voice! lol  good luck man!

Hague FTW

Do it Big Man!!

 So proud of you tonight proud.  Do not hang your were robbed.


 The interweb record is skippin . . . Hague was robbed, poor decision, Hague dominated. anyone have a vid? Shitty to hear.


TTT for Tim
Congrats on a great performance!