Good MMA store in Sydney

Does anyone know of a fightwear store in Sydney where there is a range of kimonos, t-shirts, shorts etc.

Even with the AUD at decent levels the shipping from some of the online stores makes it an expensive exercise. For example at Rio fightwear the gi i liked was reasonable at USD 99 but an additional 45 in postage brought it up to 185 AUD. Same price as at every tournament with a stand.

Has anyone seen Rebel or any other store stock the gear?

Have I hit on perhaps a lucrative niche business?


You idiot! LOL

I just got a Krugans Tribal from $92.90 US and free shipping. They also shipped me Martin Rooney's book for SFA.

I got a Gameness Gi from Arrived in 4 working days free shipping. Also a Gameness T shirt. Cost me AUD 165 all up (gotta love a strong AUD).

I have seen others waiting a fair while for stuff from this site so beware - but you can track the package via their website.

BTW the Gi is excellent - good thick collar for my opponenets to wrap around my throat (gasps for air)

Steve Perceval in Penrith imports Atama and has all sorts of Atama gear, Gi's, rash shirts, shorts, tshirts and more...

Email him at:


When did Steve get his black belt? If so, congrats!

That's Steve's Hapkido Black Belt.  Steve just recently received his Purple belt from John Will.



I know it is a secret, but could you let a few of us know which location has the gear you mentioned? I am trying to get up to Sydney next week and would like to pick up some gear. Thanks.