Good turn out @Kata...

I've taught 2 classes at kata so far and there has been a great turn out with about 20 students per class. It is turning into a serious training facility with alot of different bodies to train with like Claude Patrick, Scott Lewis and Shawn Geris. For those of you who dont know me here are some of my credentials.

-Bjj black belt from Joao Roque, team Nova Uniao (2003)

-1-0 in mma competition as a pro (TKO 15-2004)

-Copa do mundo absolute purple belt world champ (2002)

-Grapplers Quest U.S. national champ (2002)

-North American adcc pre-qualifier champ (2004)

-2004 adcc invitee (North American trials)

-2002 Canadian adcc trials champ

-3X pan-am medalist (99,00,02)

-Hawaii state bjj champ (blue belt open class) 2000

-Brasilia state bjj champ (brown belt) 2003

-Campos submission wrestling champ (Campos, Brasil-closed the division with Leo Santos) 2002

-5X Canadian jj champ (97,98,99,00,01)

-12 years experience in bjj

The environment at kata is very easy going but the classes are intense for those of you who are competitors, I'm also available for private lessons., my merchandise and website are also on the way. I would also like to thank Joey De Los Reyes for his hospitality.



If you want to train with the best, go train with Bocek.

ttt 4 HULK!

Mark, keep up the great work! You have definitely lived up to the hype.

So true. Bocek is a very good instructor and the based on credentials far and away the best BJJer from Canada ever.


EmenGeeRoxx, what is your name?

Mark, it's Gil. I was the guy asking millions of questions probably driving you nuts ;)

Asking questions is part of the learning process.

Mark teaches awesome posiitons and classes are great for new and advanced guys.. Having come up in experience with the man I know first hand how goodf training with him can make you and im really excited to have him teaching minutes from my house :)....

Sure training on 4 mats in the basement :)

Thanks Mark. See you next week. 2 more old students should be joining on Tuesday.

Claude can you bring some of your new gear to class specifically the sparring gloves and head gear?


Marks a great teacher and fighter! It's great to have him Mississauga, But still close to Toronto.

ScottLaRock, you're a great teacher too and a killer on the mats. Glad to have you around.

Where did you end up watching UFC btw?

My place, I owe shyam 20$..shit..

Dougie will be here soon to rub it in.

Bro i am utterly.. totally ..sold out.. my next shipement is coming soon so talk to me at the gym i'll link what ever you need...

just wait.. im bringing sometihng ot canada every fighter is gonna include in thier training