Google Hangout w/ Woodley, Davis 1:30 today!

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                                Google Hangout w/ Woodley, Davis 1:30 today! 
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                    <p class="p1">FOX Sports will be doing a Google Hangout with UFC stars Phil Davis and Tyron Woodley today at 1:30 pm ET/10:30am PT.&nbsp;</p>

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Might have to check this out Phone Post 3.0

BernardHopkins - 

lol @ ufc "stars"


maybe you need to stick to boxing

Why is this on the pro wrestling forum?

Never heard of either guy. Phone Post 3.0

if you are a fan of both of these fighters, and of Karin Bryant too, this is a good interview. She's very comfortable with both fighters and they play off each other well. Funny and good interview!

Never heard of her either.

ttt for clogging subforums. Phone Post 3.0