Goossen: Toney def. going to be at a disadvantage

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Dan Goossen, Toney’s long-time friend and promoter, was disappointed to learn the news. The contract with the UFC allows Toney to continue to box and Goossen said he had conversations with Toney earlier this week about a boxing match next month.

“Let’s face it: There are some bad – meaning good – fighters in MMA, no ifs, ands or buts about it,” Goossen said. “There are a lot of wrestlers who are fighters now and James is not a wrestler. He’s a standup fighter; he’s a boxer. His skills are standing up. There’s not an MMA fighter in the world who could fight James on his court, in the ring, and be able to stay with him."

“But this is like something I said to Pete Rose the other day: As great a hitter as Pete was, and he’s one of the greatest who ever lived, do you think he would be the all-time hit king in cricket? It’s still hitting a ball with a stick, but they’re completely different sports."

“Boxing and MMA are fighting sports,” Goossen said. “They’re related, but they’re different sports. You need different skills in each of them. As great as James is, he’s not going to be as good of a wrestler as the guys he faces. He can’t cram into a six-, eight-, 12-week training camp what they’ve been doing all their lives. He’s definitely going to be at a disadvantage and I don’t want to see him being used.”

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I wonder who he's going to train with.

He's still going to be allowed to box?

lol @ Toney being used, he was practically begging for a shot

He should've joined a real camp and not go with Rampage's old trainer.

why the hell would Toney go to Juanito and not a real MMA camp? There's a reason why most fighters stay away from Juanito and his over priced camps

 wait what??

UFC signed James Toney?

JayAreSee -  wait what??

UFC signed James Toney?

no. hahahahaha. but you fell for it!

Getting paid unreasonable amounts of money is hardly being used. Toney is fortunate they're offering it to him, imo.