Goran Reljic injured, out of UFC 90

 Just confirmed. Goran Reljic is out of UFC 90.

 well that certainly sucks.

 To me the solution is easy, give Leites the title fight with Anderson.

He deserves it more than Cote, anyway.

 ^^ agreed

Damn, Goran is fun to watch.



that totally blows. and i hope manny is correct as on this kinda notice i don't see a great fill-in as leites is wicked tough.

belcher, herman, and day would be the top guys that might step up to this kind of challenge on short notice. otherwise it will be a newbie.

 that was a GREAT fight in the making. Hopefully it will happen at UFC 91 on the main card...though that is incredibly doubtful

Actually, they should let Marquardt rematch Leites...since Marquardt suffered no damage while running through Kampmann at UFC 88....and their first match was controversial.

i agree, marquadt v leites 2

Marquardt or Maia would be great replacements!

Kansas Comet - Marquardt or Maia would be great replacements!

 I agree. Joe Silva, make it happen!

Demian Maia has a upcoming fight with Nate Quarry at UFC 91.

Give Marquardt another shot. That point deduction crap last time was just horrible. Nate looked absolutely brutal against Kampmann and didn't have a scratch on him.

Marquardt would be a great replacement but the bigger names rarely take fights on short notice. McFedries will be exciting while it lasts but once it goes to the ground he's dead.

Mad Xyientist -  To me the solution is easy, give Leites the title fight with Anderson.

He deserves it more than Cote, anyway.

Fuck it, let Anderson fight both in the same night, shouldn't be a problem

^^^ Probabally not^^^

this coming from a big drew mcfredries fan: this is a horrible matchup for him.


Reljic Out of UFC 90


Reljic Out of UFC 90

Monday, October 13, 2008

by Joe Hall (joeh@sherdog.com)

Goran Reljic has withdrawn from UFC 90 due to a lower back injury, the fighter’s manager, Zoran Saric, confirmed Sunday with Sherdog.com.

“He really doesn’t know what happened,” Saric said. “He was training and went to bed. Next day he woke up and he couldn’t move.”

Reljic (8-0) was scheduled to fight Thales Leites in a middleweight bout Oct. 25 in Rosemont, Ill. Saric is waiting on a second opinion regarding his fighter’s injury, but after an MRI, he described it as “muscular.”

The manager expects Reljic to rest his back for four to six weeks and then reevaluate his status. Meanwhile, the UFC will have little time to find someone to fight Leites.

“They weren’t happy, especially because it’s short notice, but there’s not much we can do right now,” Saric said after notifying the UFC of Reljic’s withdrawal. “He’s in pretty bad shape. There’s no way he can accept the fight.”


 Damn, this sucks. I was looking forward to seeing him fight. Leites would've been a great test for him. :(