Gordinho European seminar tour!

Just had BJJ legend Gordinho over for a 10 day seminar tour, starting in North UK and ending in Denmark yesterday! What else is there to say......the guys is AWESOME! He toyed with us all on the mats beofre atpping us out and he never brome into a sweat!

He brought along Pablo Silva, a balck belt under his brother Gordo, who's living in the UK and he did the same, beat us all up to a pulp!

Pix and interviews have gone to SFUK - onthemat.com, etc and I've sent an article to Grappling for my column!!


Hello Carl, whats up?

We still haven't seen any of the articles about us that you promised? Any chance of seeing them soon?




I made a report for Grappling mag which has yet to go on and I sent a report to onthemat.com months ago with lots of pix that went up.

I will remail these guys and ask them to post them up again.