got a skean for Christmas!

lol I dont know who made it but its pretty nice... Damascus steel blade, little wood/leather scabbard, faux pommel gem. Pretty cool lil sticker- not sharpened tho. It'll go well with my kilt :)

Here's an example if yer not familiar with it- mine looks a lil different.

Damascus is very cool. It looks like steel wood.

ya its cool... just a bummer I cant carry it in the stupid state.

Why can't you carry it Jonwell? I thought we could
carry fixed blades as long as they were not
concealed. Do you go to the Highland Games or
Renaissance Fairs?


Yeah, what Grandpab said.

Hm, I think your right Mr Bryant, on second thought. I've read those darn statutes so many times and I still forget parts, hehe. Still its meant to be carried hidden in the folds of a kilt or in the hose flashing, so wearing it open would be kinda contrary to its purpose. I tend to have enough weaponry on me anyway :)

I go to the highland games at the Queen Mary when I get a chance but renfairs are too... um... lets say too Dungeons and Dragons for me. People get mad when you point out inaccuracies :)

So jonwell ISN'T one of those who carry 20-pound long swords???

lol no I'd have to kick my own ass for carrying a fake sword :)