Got beat up yesterday!

So I'm down at the gas station yesterday doing some car washing for the local church, when some guy pulls in thinking he is all tough. I go over and start to wash his window and he starts yelling at me to stay away from his car "you bum".. I was like WTF? and keep cleaning the guys window. He jumps out of his car and starts pushing me around telling me he's a Jiu-Jitsu guy. Me being the nice church going person I am I turn and walk away. He then kicks me in the ass, trying to put his damn toe up my asshole, I mean full oil check! Then I look back and the guy is lying on the ground holding his big toe? Then telling me he's gonna sue me and this and that.. Man some people, now I have a full bruised ass and I can't train for a couple days!!

LMAO!! this is why i luv the HG

hahaha... 10.0!

LMAO -- Awesome. How big was the toe?

9.50! LOL

It would be funny if he was a lurker. Why did the guy pull into a car wash if he didn't want his car washed?

your spins not bad jjd. Personally i'd give it an 8.5 because it came on the heels of mine.

i think mine got lost because i did it after midnight, and Ronesian was already sleeping. Dammit!!!

Ok nevermind, I scrolled down and read mad tiger's thread.

I nearly got foolled too until i read the "full of oil" part that was of a kind =0D

No guys its true. THis prick attacked me while he was "at work".... from my phone cam

Did I mention he was wearing a Tapdis shirt and spandex wrestling shorts. When he left he was yelling something about his Pan Am tourny was over or something like this. Said something about a Mr K, I'm not sure what he was yelling as he pulled away? Some guys train and just get all nuts!

And some guys need a writer lol, call me I may know a jew or 2 ;-)

btw- wot is it with you and spandex my freng... anything you wanna tell us!

^^ =:-(

Wow, that was fast. 10.0, bravo. Good work.


hahaha. this is funny as hell. good one.

*takes bow!


10.0 for doing this thread right away. ttt

Well I got 3-10's, and a 9.5, but sub dude only gave me a 8.5, man he must be the russian judge!