Got Milk? For Muay Thai?

Strange title I know..but I'm wondering about MT fighters (I've only done it for a few months so far). Do you gentlemen use calcium supplements to help develop stronger shin bones at all? Or dose everyone train au naturale and not take in extra calcium?

yeah. I take Calcium tablets. I usually take 2 a day, 4 a day if Ive got a knock on the shin.

Yours, Beev

Interesting, I wonder how much extra they do for the bones..

I suppose it stands to reason that the bone would heal faster and become stronger with ahigher than usual does of calcium and whatever else helps bone to heal.

No, because there's an upper limit to the rate at which the body can use dietary calcium to heal bone. Anything above that goes in one end and out the other.



I can see what you there possibly a way to stimulate the body to retain more? Gotta watch out if there is...someone's likely to develop and exoskeleton.

in the short term, calcium can increase your bone density but not in the long term

I take calcium, but I am lactose intolerant. Not because of Muay Thai. I am limited to one Yoplait sized yogurt and one slice of cheese a day.