Got my clubbells!

Hi Scott. I got my clubbells ;o) (December 22nd).

I had them shipped to my parent's house, and then they sent them by slow mail to me (to save some money). Wow, the 15lbs ones are really heavy. I will definitely follow your book very closely and slowly get use to them over the next few months.

I am leaving for China (vacation) on the 25th, so I am not sure if I will get a real work-out with them this Calendar year, but I come back in 10 days, and it is straight to the gym.

I have my Dad excited about them as he use to use Indian-style clubs when he was in university and is thinking about getting a pair now (if it goes well, I might surprise him =)

Congratulations on your dedication to true,
three-dimensional strength. I look forward to
reading your progress.

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Safe travels.


Sothy, Do the 15 pounders really feel that heavy? I would like to buy a pair after the Holidays and have been struggling to figure out what size to get. I think I'll try for the 15's to start as well.

Yeah, but how heavy are you and do you lift already?

I am a bit under 170 lbs and I haven't been lifting as consistently as I should have for the last year (mostly just swimming, biking, etc.). So the reason is partially because I just haven't been lifting properly (really little in some ways ;o(.

What's your background?

I am going to try them out this week (got back yesterday), but it will just be basic stuff to get grip back.

Sothy, I am 210lbs., 6' and fairly athletic, I lift frequently utilizing stones, sandbags and dumbbells I guess you could say I am fairly strong as well. I'll try the 15's per Scott's recommendation. Thanks!


Definitely start w/ the 15s. Just for the simple fact that it's better to start w/ the "lighter" weight to learn the motions.

The 15s will be a challange for a while. Believe me you!!

I've had them for about 6 months now to supplement my BWE and Kettlebell workouts and they are still challenging...many exercises to move to and you can choke up on the Club to make it harder.

I'm just about ready for the trauma of the 20s!

All the best,

Thanks Joe and you have mail :)