Got my Coward Blue Belt

even though its with the machado cowards, im stoked

Congrates, i dont even own a coward version.

Good Work !!

congratulations on your belt.

Congratulations, you coward you... ;-)

well done fellow coward


good job coward!

well done you spinless coward

well done kiddo.

Its great that your cowardly ways have been recognised and rewarded cobras.

Congratulations! Here is a little something, from me to you, that attempts to sum up the thoughts I have trouble expressing...

That was one of the wierdest things i have ever seen .

p.s Not counting a guy fucking his own penis with a dildo that i saw on tapout forum ...No that was not a typo he was fucking his own penis .

your leg is mine....

congrats coward!!

gremis is correct though, you're gonna have to start paying for someone to do your walking for you :p

you boys know that no one can get past my spinabifida schoolboy!!!!!!!!!

Cobras gets a blue belt??? When's it my turn??

Congrats you dirty perv you!
- Juggs

when you can take the dvdshop porn from his hand grasshopper

it's about time!! did you bother to turn up for once?

it dosent matter what colour i am ill still continue to figue 4 you, guard boy