Got My Purple!

Got my purple belt this last weekend! I am stoked. I worked my butt off for long time to get it. I cannot wait to compete.


congrats man

good job

lol @ qob


So now head on over to Sherdog and talk about the Browns and blacks that you have been tapping in training!


karate man bruise on the inside!!!!





How long did it take you?

"Do you know the "Quart of Blood" technique?"

who doesn't?


Nice job. Now, its just a matter of staying on the mat and you're sure to get the black eventually.

Excellent achievement... Congrats!

How long did it take you?

Looks with Envy

Congrats man!

I did not expect to get this much support. Thanks guys. I was at blue for about 3 years. (It was actually longer than this, but I took a lot of time off in the middle.)

Yea it is a journey to say the least. I wondered if I would ever get there.

Godzilla, I will swing by Millenium and get my ass beat by you some time soon.


Congrats on your accomplishment