got Peng?

1st time on the CMAUG, so, like the title suggests, any of you out there developed good Peng Jin? able to generate it with no or minimal muscular contraction? if so, please do tell about it

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the most effective people in tai chi or I liq that i know do standing work. Not just standing meditation, but they use others to create levels of resistance so that the person standing can feel that resistance and develop the concept of sung on the physical plain. Sung develops peng. Peng practiced at different angles develops concepts of rollback, press, push etc.

most basic exercise, stand with holding barrel stance and allow someone to rest hands on your forearms so that you feel the weight.

If that resistance sinks into ground without you tensing beyond what you need to maintain structure, that's sung. If you feel the need to really resist, review your body allignments.

thanks for the response!

a few years ago, and after decades of hard-style training, I began playing with taiji (and a little i liq chuan). never much believed in things like peng, but having experienced it directly from others, I became motivated to learn much, much more

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btw jrrrrr, you trane I liq?

I've done some I-Liq, good stuff without a doubt...