Got Premier Fighter shirt (pics)

So the package arrived last night - it had in it the shirt, as well as a sticker, a poster, and a letter from one of the Premier Fighter guys. Even though I know it's a small thing - the inclusion of the extras other than the shirt made a difference.

The sticker:

The poster:

The shirt:

I'm impressed with the shirt so far. The design is cool, the cloth isn't overly thick, but seeems very durable. I know I look like a dork in those pictures... the shirt didn't seem to help that much.



Nice, what site did you order it from?

I got it from them directly!

Oh - I meant to mention... I'm 5'10", 185... and the LARGE fits me perfectly.

I'd recommend the XL for anyone 5'10" 180lbs or larger. Esp. if you heated dry the shirts will shrink a little.

i'm wearing my long sleeve Premier Fighter T at work today. :)

TTT for the greatest clothing company on the planet.

Ryan Loco - TTT for the greatest clothing company on the planet.

Mr. Loco checking in...Thanks bro...Much love to you and Triumph United!! Your sponsorship check is in the mail

Pummeled by Silva thanks for the post...and the kind words! Enjoy the shirt and check in often

Customer service is a lost art these days. I make an effort to return to vendors that do "little" things like that.

thats why 62gear will ALWAYS have me as a customer-MM

Love Six Deuce! Service there is great and have some gear and a hat from my fellow midwest boy!

 TTT for no skulls or pitbulls on your new shirt!

Great people over there at PF!!!!!!!!!!!

Big Towe checking in...You going to be in Vegas next weekend?

PremierFighter - Big Towe checking in...You going to be in Vegas next weekend?

 I wasn't at first, but I just talked to one of the ring girls for Strikeforce who is going to drive out to interview Cung at the Throwdown Fight Camp he's doing, so I might drive out with her.  I owe Justin and the boys out there a visit and it would be cool to see Cung.  I haven't seen him since his fight.  You gonna be out there?

Yep...Going to be at the fights and we have a signing with Clay Guida and Matt Hamill at the Champs Sports located in the Planet Hollywood Mall after the weigh inns....Check you there

PremierFighter - thanks again! I appreciate it.

TOWE - TTT for no skulls or pitbulls on your new shirt!

missing the splatters as well, how can one pose like a tough guy at the club w/o skulls/pitbulls/splatters?? well, i guess i could just order two sizes too small and wear my sunglasses. answered my own question.

bad1121 - Premier Fighter and Triumph United

What do I have to do to get some autographs from some of your fighters? I live in Pennsylvania and they don't ever hold autograph signing near my area.
shoot me an email at ryanlocoATtriumphunitedDOTcom with your address

is that a real email address ;)