GP Question for Odessa?

Why is Arona +1900 to win it?? I just cannot work out why and thought you could shed some light!

Arona grinds fights out... the chances of him fighting all those fights to decisions, winning each one, not getting hurt, AND being able to keep going... doesnt look good for him. Especially when someone like Silva or Igor are swinging for the fences and may have 1 minute fights

19-1 is roughly about a 5% chance of winning the entire GP. Seeing him go through a grueling Semi Final Decision win to the finals against a potential striker, that most likely didnt go the distance in their semi would certainly have an effect on him. Not saying it cant be done, but 19-1 is not even decent odds for the player IMO. This is 4 bouts. Mathmatically, if he were a PK in his 4 bouts (-110) and they were all parlayed, he would be getting 10-1 odds. Considering he would be a short underdog in probably 2 bouts, 19-1 seems to really favor the sportsbook.

I see what you're saying. But the fact that we're even looking forward to the "if he got to the final" scenario makes me think 19-1 are fantastic odds. I'm assuming it's the same as before. The only night he'd have to fight 2 fights would be the Semis and Final right?

Thanks for your answer BTW.

If you think Arona is going to win, I suggest you stop giving Odessa inside info and drop some money on it! Max out the credit cards man! 10k can net you 190,000!!

****Runs to dealership to sell car for cash******

19-1 is looking really appetizing now.