GQ results HW?

Heavyweight: 205 lbs. and over:
Jorge Oliveira (Team Ralph Gracie) VS. Tim Carpenter (Balance Studios)
Glen Sandull (Planet Jiu-Jitsu) VS. Tom Muller (Serra Brothers)
Pat Stano (Champion Martial Arts) VS. Marcos "Machine" Oliveira (ATT)
Jamal Patterson (Team Renzo Gracie) VS. Lamonte Tyler (Royce Gracie
????????????? PLay by play?


Shaq Daddy

Jorge Olivera beat Tim Carpenter in a close match by a takedown 2-0, Sandull beat Muller 2-0, Marcos Olivera beat me by a takedown out of bounds 2-0 with 10 seconds left, and Jamal submitted Lamont with an omoplata (I think)in about 3 mins. In the second round Sandull beat J. Olivera by 3 advantages to 1 in overtime (0-0), Jamal then submitted M. Olivera with a guilotene late in a 0-0 match. Thats all I know, I left before the finals started.

Glen Sandull faced Jamal Patterson in the finals.

Glen took Jamal down..Jamal put Glen in a nice Guilotine..Glen escapes and scrambles back up..they end in Jamal's halg guard where Jamal won with a knee bar.

Glen took 2nd place after only doing BJJ for a bit over 2 years.

Much respect goes out to Jamal and Team Renzo for the victory

werd, jamal is the man. he fought awesome.

Nice win for Jamal. Congrats to him.


Glen is a beast, great fighter.

Jamal is the man. Congrats bro.



Renzo Gracie Association

Nice job!!!

Shaq Daddy