Gracie Barra wins at Columbia 4/24

Team Oxendine/Soneca Gracie Barra competed this weekend at the South Carolina Grappling Championships. With only 3 competitors we were able to take 2 first place finishes and 4 second place finishes in this ranked event.
Erick Jordan
2nd place advanced no-gi 190-210
2nd place advanced gi 190-220

James Hagan
1st place advanced no-gi 150-170
2nd place advanced no-gi 170-190
2nd place advanced gi 150-170

Casey Oxendine
1st place advanced no-gi under 150

Also special thanks to all the guys at Relson Gracie Charleston for the tough competition and Mark Mills and Columbia Martial Arts Training Center ( for putting on such a great tournament.
Casey Oxendine/Gracie Barra ETSU




Congrats Casey!!!

Dustin Ware

Thanks Dustin. Hope to see you in Kentucky on the 8th. Casey


congrats casey!


I will try to make it, but I will be compeating at the Bad Breed event in Ohio. He might decide to drive down, but I am not sure yet.

Either way, good luck on your fight.

By the way, when are you & your boys going to fight in one of my shows??? I have a show on May 29th (also in KY), and I have opening for 3 fights. Get int ouch with me and let me know how would be interested.


Dustin Ware

Hey Casey
Just wanted let Eric know I real enjoyed fighting him AGAIN. You guys are all a class act.Look foward to seeing all you guys some time soon.
Alex Franks
Ps tell eric I will train nothing but knee bar escapes for years to come .lol
Feel Free to Hit me back some time

Hey Alex, you have like tripled your skills since last time. Erick said you had him sweating. People don't realize that Mark's tournament is growing to produce some of the toughest guys and hardest matches around. You guys are awesome!! See you soon. Casey