Gracie diet?

I was just reading the Gracie way again and I found myself really interested and curious in Carlos's diet. I was just wondeing if anyone ever released the exact diet and what gracies followed it. I remeber reading somewhere that some of them eat meat while others don't. Any info would be great thanks

that sucks. I do enjoy my hash cookies. I don't know if i would go on the diet just interested. I don't know if a stoner can go on a strict diet. Those munchies will get ya.

I'm no expert o the diet but a lot of it involves what types of food you can eat together, you can have a hambuger but no fries- cant mix certain fruits with starches - you should be able to get it off their web site-

I believe on Rorian Gracies site they sell info on diet. I believe it is about eating the right foods and the right combinations.

Yeah Walt, he's trying to earn a living. Crazy huh?

Yeah i new that Carlos came up with it. You lost 10lbs in two weeks, that is impressive with no excersice. Thanks for the info Kneeblock or has the diet