Matt Hughes (-300) 38-4
Vs. Royce Gracie (+250) 13-2-3

This is what dream matches are made of. The most famous last name in all of MMA versus the greatest Welterweight champion in UFC history. The flash bulbs are going to go off and this will be a special moment.

Matt Hughes has been on a roll since being submitted by BJ Penn in January of 2004 and the UFC welterweight division has had to pay for it. Hughes has developed an amazing submission game and looks to be in the greatest shape of his life for this fight. Hughes defeated Frank Trigg in one of the greatest fights in UFC history last April and also fended off the challenge of Joe Riggs with a submission by kimura in November. Hughes has developed a beautiful submission game over the past couple of years and this fight will put it to the ultimate test.

Gracie. The name speaks for itself. The backbone of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and a name that carries more weight in MMA than any other. Royce has not been overly active during the past few years but has shown great skill in fights over the past three New Years in Japan. Gracie will be forever remembered as the first UFC champion but a win here will put him at the top of his family of champions. Gracie has gone all out in training as he approaches the greatest challenge of his illustrious career.

Keys to Victory: This may be the biggest fight in the history of the company and anything can happen. Hughes has a history of having trouble with slippery jiu-jitsu guys and this may be the best of all of them. Opinions are mixed about this fight and for great reason as both fighters strengths play to the other ones weaknesses. This fight may end at any second so don't blink. Keep in mind that this will be Gracie's first Octagon appearance without a gi on.

This has been four years in the making. Let's see something historic.

At least Helio didn't turn his back on Royce... Royce has all my respect after not tappin to that kimura. That was great...