I just finished watching the gracie vs sakuraba 2 fight.

Let me point out that Royce, is probably one of my favourite fighters
ever. I have a photo of us standing together at home.

I truly cannot believe that the judges a) gave Royce the victory & b) a
unanimous decision.

I gave all three rounds to sakuraba. It was not a great fight, but all the
main activity came from Sakuraba in terms of striking takedowns and
submission attempts.

Royce I know you sometimes read these posts, we have met before and
I truly respect you. You are the one that risks it all to get into the ring, i
do not, so really i should stay quiet. Im just offering an opinion.

Do you truly in your heart believe you won that fight? Do you believe
you clearly won every round.

I was totally shocked. When the announcer was reading the decision,
everyone in the room was expecting Sakuraba's hand to be raised.
Then Royce's hand shoots into the air.

If the opposite decision occured there would be pandamonium on the
forums. I think there is a real bias to the Gracie family on here. I
believe Sakuraba has been utterly robbed, because the Gracie
bandwagon is so huge, sak get no support for this travesty.

Furthermore because the main mma forums are gracie bandwagon
orientated the truth will never get out.

Royce, as mentioned earlier you are one of my favourite fighters, we
have met several times and I have followed your progress since the
early 90's. I was so dissapointed with the decision.

I understand at the end of the day, it was not your fault. You entered
the ring like a hero. You will always be a hero to me, i just wished i
never saw this.

Matt are wrong and clearly don't fully understand MMA judging criterea.......Royce stayed active the entire fight while Saku was content surviving.....Saku did have a few momentary bursts each round but not nearly enough to have him winning the fight.   I may have given 1 round to Saku....maybe......but the fight as a whole belonged to Royce.

Most of the mma press had Sakuraba winning.

Then I must have watched the wrong fight .....because I saw Royce winning that fight

Sadly Saku didn't do much of anything in the last 2 rounds while Royce continually pressed the action. Royce won that one easily.

"I have a photo of us standing together at home."

what a loser!

i gave sak the first rd and royce the 2nd and 3rd

"Sak was robbed"

"Royce was robbed"

It's over and done with. Go train!

I'll tell you who lost, the fans.

"I have a photo of us standing together at home."
what a loser!

I don't get it. Why are you a loser if you have a photo with Royce.

Honestly this was a bad fight.

Saku did nothing and just hold on to stall.

And Royce, Royce also didn?t much some high kicks, some small punches.......

Both fighters didn?t deserve a win. I would say it was a draw in a bad fight.

It was Sak's fight to lose. There's nothing Royce could do to submit him and he didn't have the power to hurt Sak with his punches. All he had to do was show a little more aggression and he would have won.

Like when Royce was buttscooting, Sak just stood there in front of him taking the weak leg kicks Royce was throwing, letting him rack up points. Sak was fighting like it was an unlimited round match again.

100% agree with your post.

Royce did well, but NO WAY did he win that fight.

Even the poll on sherdog shows that most people thought it should have been 29-28 for Sakuraba.

Who had the only effective damage? Sakuraba with the knockdwon

Who had all the sub attempts? Sakuraba

Who had Royce's back twice? Sakuraba

SAKURABA CLEARLY WON THE FIGHT, it just boggle my mind how people can give it to Royce.

Royce WANTED TO WIN, SURE, but intent doesn't mean shit if you didn't do shit.

No doubt it was an anti-climatic fight for both Royce and Sakuraba. But not only did saku just stand there and take the leg kicks from Royce buut skooting, he also put his head out of the ring a couple of times as he just hung on to Royce's arm in an attempt to get a kimura. He also stepped out of the ring with one leg during the same attempts for a kimura.

The ref is a bit at fault as he just let them stand there with little to no activity.I see Saku taking 1st round and Royce 2nd and 3rd round.

my .02 cents

Not trying to be a dick, but people just don't want to accept the fact that the fight sucked and no one should have won

royce won

end of thread