Gracie Open or Copa Pacific

If you chose one of these tournaments as a warm up for the Pan Ams which one would you do?


Why the open. Just interested to hear the reason.

Hey Scott, just wanted to say...DON'T GO TO THE PAN AMS!! LOL Just kidding, you and your team are really becoming a force to be reckoned with!

Do the Copa, it usually has a lot more high level gi guys in it. Perfect warm up for the pan ams. And if by open I assume he means fight the open division, yes, do that. IMO guys that do well in their weight but dont fight in the open, its a hint of "bitch". Just my opinion though.

Little C - I see your point but for the guys who are a little older/injured choosing not to fight in the open weight is not so much a question of guts but fear of getting injured by an opponent that severely outweighs you (throw/slam, etc.)

If your already hurt then of course dont fight in the open, and I see no problem with older guys not doing the open. But somebody thats 22 and blows through there division and doesnt fight in the open is pretty weak. The open division is a more "real" expression of jiu-jitsu, imo.


actually, by open he was referring to the gracie open, not open weight class.