Gracie Open Results

I know somebody here can tell us what happened. Who went up against the Diaz bros? Did the superfights even happen? I know they were looking for last minute opponents.


ttt for REALlY want to know

still going on. They started no-gi at 8pm.

Keep us updated.

Are you serious? 8pm???


tf 8pm

TTT for info

Noyt sure on the superfights as I had to leave at 10:30 PM PT but Nate Diaz did fight in the Gi division Purple belt again Clement Shields (jake Shields Little Brother) I beleive Clement beat Nate 11-2. Great Tourney and all around good time. Great see all the old timers like Monte, Hunter, Ed, Taro as well ther new lions Moses, Nat, Clement, Jake, Nick etc.

Thanks, Killer!

Hoping for more results...

what results you lookin for?

there was some waiting around but a ton of great matches..

I finally left at 11:30 and it was not over yet..NCFA smoked the
competition in gi less

where is this?

usurper, thanks.

The Diaz bro's (more?) and -- what happened with the superfights? Any big surprise entrants? (I could go on, lol, wish I could have attended)

Ok its Sunday and the Gracie Open was yesterday.

The only highlights I have (HIGHLIGHTS IMO)

Nate Diaz fought Jake Shields brother in a Purple belt either Final or SemiFinal, and beat him on points...
Nate served some guy in his first match...

Nick didn't fight as far as I know because I left at like 8:00pm (in the middle of the Gi-Less matches)

Only one Superfight.

Nasty Nate Ducharme vs. ME!!!

WTF am I???
I am just the guy who volunteered to jump in for a superfight at the last minute as I have known Cesar, and the crew for almost 10 years so they know I am down for whatever.
Anyway, Nasty Nate caught me in a front choke early on as I tried valiently to shoot on him (stupid me!!!)
I fought the choke for a few minutes, tried every escape I could think of and ended up having to tap otherwise losing my trachea...LOL

It was an honor to have stepped on the mat with such a beast!!!
Thass all I got fo ya!!!!

No shame there cousin. Nate loss to Jeff Monson at Grapplers quest Las Vegas. Big ups for stepping up. Naplam, I wanted to hollar at you guys but the day was to heck. I gave NCFA and the entire Gracie fighter fame props on Cesar website. You guys are doing really good I hope to come up and get killed in the near future. Any plans to go to Battle at the bay in Santa Crus July 30th??

is battle of the bay the 30 or 14th? should have said whats up..i sat
around bored until gi less started at 8pm

It was completely insane, when I left Nick had taken over the microphone and was trying to organize his own brackets/divisions...

billy ray you got guts.. way to step in there though..

to confirm, nate lost to clement shields, on points. pretty sure there was a decent weight difference.

wait the original rules were if Clement doesn't tap Nate then he loses because of the weight advantage.. I think I have that on tape..

this is a C-O-N-spiracy