Gracie Schools in Miami?

Are there any Gracie schools in Miami or by South Beach, I will be there for the next week.



I know theres ATT and FFA.

gracie miami

there is also a Gracie Barra academy in Miami

There's a million jiujitsu schools in Miami. Only two places for full submission wrestling: the ATT and FFA.


Is ricardo teaching this week coming up?

Ricardo does not teach in miami. You are welcome to stop by FFA. We do Gi class but we are mostly no-gi. The schedule is on the website at

Hey Charles, I train with Simmler at Serras, I have also met you at Naga in coral springs I believe. I will call down tomorrow.

Thanks Homey.


American Top Team

Screw training, you gotta party!  Seriously though, you can't go there without visiting FFA and ATT.