Gracie: the next generation questi

Questions about this vid floating around I've seen...

I have heard that Ryron had a match with Rafael Lovato Jr... but in this vid I have, which is the tournament '1st American National Jiu-Jitsu Championship 2002'
I was wondering if anyone knows which matches are which?

My best guess is this:

#1: Rener Gracie v. Rafael Lovato Jr... whom Rener chokes out...

#2: Ryron Gracie v. some guy he chokes out maybe Kunze?

#3: Ryron Gracie v. Mike Ross (Caique) whom Ryron loses a decision to..and Rickson's in the background not looking too pleased.

#4: Rener Gracie v. dunno maybe Ruff whom Rener chokes out.

#5: Rener Gracie v. Rafael Lovato Jr. for the second time and chokes him out again. Anyone know why they fought twice?

#6: Rener Gracie v. some heavyset dude he armbars ..

#7: Ryron Gracie v. another guy he chokes out...

#8: Ryron Gracie v. Rener Gracie in the finals, granting Ryron 1st and Rener 2nd I believe.

Then the tape has another event next 'VI Copa Pacifica De Jiu-Jitsu' with just 2 matches of:

#9: Rener Gracie v. Jorge Patino whom Rener submits.

#10: Ryron Gracie v. Alexandre Ribeiro where Ryron looses decision.

Then a final different event '1997 Canadian Open Jiu-Jitsu Championship' that has I am assuming one of Ricksons younger kids who beats 2 other guys both with chokes and hugs Rickson after both matches.. Which son is this.. Then there is a third match at the same tournament, right after a capoeira demonstration, with one of ricksons older kids (maybe rockson) and he wins a decision.

Any help is appreciated in identifying the players and history of this vid. It was a pretty good watch tho..anyone know the one I mean? Thanks...


Rener and Jr. fought at the American National Championships.

Rener was an "A" student in high school.

I think Ryron and Rener are so close in skill, that it would be hardpressed who was the better. Just some of my thoughts as someone who has been trained by both.

Watching them train for the USS, my thinking on their styles was that Ryron was more the armbar specialist, and Rener, legs. When they went full out against each other, it always looked like one would get the other, and vice versa.

Both are going to make waves the next generation, imho.

Does this video have a title?

How about Ralek and Pedro (Caique's son) have you seen them roll?

Kurt... the title is actually Gracie: the next generation... Its a compilation vid...

krohn almost beat up 1 of my friends

where is this available??????????????

I would love to see this, can we buy it somewhere?

Wow..Rafael Lavato JR....jeez I met him at his dads school on OKC back several years ago. He was pretty sharp but I think he was about 14 then.

The Gracie in the Cdn JJ Championships in '97 was Rickson's son who passed away in a motorcycle accident a couple of years ago. He was about 15 or so at the time of the tourn. - Koga!

...I would love to see this, can we buy it somewhere?...

And I would love to tell you but I am not sure where it came from (buddy of mine) and might be against forum rules anyway..

Just try searching google or Vivisimo for 'buy mma tapes' and some sites will have it legitimately. I guarantee..