Gracie / Uno fight Monday.....

The Hero's middle weight tournament is on Monday w/ the following fights w/ my picks. What are yours?

*** Tournament Matches ***

Caol Uno vs Katsuhiko Nagata: UNO by rear naked choke

Kazuyuki Miyata vs Vitor "Shaolin" Ribiero: SHOALIN by submission

Hideo Tokoro vs Kultar Gill (rematch where Kultar KO'd Tokoro): TOKORO by submission

....initially I would've considered the person to win the tournament a toss up between JZ Cavalcanti and Shaolin, but now that JZ's out due to injury, I'll pick Shoalin to take the tournament.


Katsuyori Shibata vs Ralek Gracie: RALEK by submission

Yoon Dong Sik (recently armbarred Melvin Manhoef) vs Bernard Ackah: SIK by submission

Shuichiro Katsumura vs Alexander "Pequeno" Noguiera: PEQEUNO by guillotine

Kiyoshi Tamura vs Taiei Kin: TAMURA by TKO

JZ got injured in the Masato match? He did take quite a beating so it's not a surprise.

Yes, JZ's hand is injured from that match.

K-1 was retarded for having JZ fight Masato in kickboxing. Should be good watch. I love watching Shaolin fight I wish he was fighting tougher competition though.

i thought this was supposed to be an 8 man tourney?

nice card


It was an 8 man, but then JZ got injured and I haven't heard a replacment for his opponent Dida.

I think Nagata might surprise Uno....I like Tamura via SUB other then TKO over Kin...I like both fighters though...I think Shibata might be a surprise also....other then that I think your picks are about right....mind you I wouldnt be surpised if both Nagata and Shibata lost though...

this tourney lost a lot of legitness after JZ went out. He was the 2nd fav to win the whole thing.

He was hitting Masato with some huge bombs so i'm not surprised he broke his hand. I agree he never should have taken that fight.

JZ was granted a bye and an alternate fight of Dida versus Arthur Umakhanov was announced n case JZ isn't ready by the next round.

lol, wtf?

he's injured and unable to fight the first round so receives a bye if he's back in time for the semi-finals?

that seems odd.

shaolin will take this by kata gatame then next friday i get to train with him, woohoo!

any PPV?

I think Uno takes it !!

How can we watch this event in the US?