Gracie v. Gomi!!

Any confirmation on this rumor? I heard there is a fight for the next Bushido between Ralph and Gomi. Has anyone heard anything about it?

If so, what are the predictions.

You never know with Ralph. There is always talk, but the fights never really happen (except for Mishimi). This would be a good one though.

Gomi would dominate that guy. Mishima was off that day against Ralph. Props to ralph though he beat a top 10 active 155er even though he's been inactive for the past several years.

Mishima's just coming off a win over emerson.

mishima wasn't off... he had the same plan as always. if it was
any other gracie, mishima wouldn't have been rocked standing.
this fight should kick ass.. but i think it's going to look a bit like
gomi/bj.... where gomi doesn't have an advantage no matter
where the fight goes.

his wrestling might be better... but i don't think he'd want to be
going to the ground.

definitely not a good fight for Ralph. Gomi is the guy that took Mishima's warrior spirit away. And Mishima had a damn close fight with Ralph. This one won't be close.

Gomi's only true loss was BJ penn and he's a natural WW who beat the p4p best at the time. No shame in losing to him @ 155.

The other loss was Hansen which was a split decision. Most in attendeance gave the edge to Gomi, including kid yamamoto.

"yoshida...please change your name to japan-fellatio-boy "

lol. I like japanese fighters cuz they have class and respect, in addition no one pulls the moves that they pull. Flying triangles, armbars, helicopter spin, mongolian chop... That's why they sick! If Brazil and US had fighters as cool as Genki and Sakuraba I'd be on their nuts too. I'm not even japanese.

but i'm also pretty critical of them as well. don't trip. It's not like I'm making shit up... Gomi will destroy Ralph. Gomi is not Mishima... that's the point I was trying to make.

Actually Ralph would be bigger than Gomi and would have a strength advantage. Gomi often fights at 155 and Ralph could never make that weight. He used to make 160 for his fights but that was about 8 years ago. He now walks around at over 180.

I think Gomi would beat Ralph via decision!

Ralph had a hard time with Mishima. Mishima's a top 10 155er.

gomi's easily the #1 or 2 155er. Gomi also beat Mishima w/ ease. Gomi will also control Ralph on the ground and GNP his way to decision. That's what is going to happen.

Plus Gomi did a lot better against Penn did Hughes could ever dream of. I would say Ralph is the huge underdog.

But you never know. Ralph surprised the shit out of me when he took it to Mishima. So maybe he'll come with an even newer bag of tricks.

ralph/mishima was close, but only on the ground.... gomi's not as
good as mishima on the ground. you can't really compare how
their fights with ralph would go. however... ralph is very similar
to bj, minus some wrestling skill... which leads me to believe that
ralph/gomi could look very similar to bj/gomi.

making excuses for gomi saying bj is naturally bigger is just
ridiculous. bj has had one fight at that weight class and suddenly
he's a natural at that weight... if anything, bj looks slightly chubby
at his current weight.

I'm not making excuses at all. I totally belive that BJ is the #1 p4p in the world right now. BUT, he said himself that he walks around at 170.

Gomi lost to Penn... But Gomi did put up a better fight than Hughes. Gomi only has one loss and now Ralph, who has been pretty inactive in addition pretty old gonna beat him?

I think Gomi would beat Ralph via decision!

Yup I think gomi will beat Ralph by decision as usual.

Gomi is a boring as fuck fighter. He has great ground control, that's about it. He punches just as hard as Royce Gracie as evident in his last fight Jadson Costa....

I actually hope he loses. He's not the kind of japanese fighter I like. GNP! LOL that's the shittiest style.

if gomi does win i'd have to say it'll be by decision. he'll have to
control ralph on the ground with g&p. he won't pass guard,
mishima never did except on an initial takedown... and there is a
good chance he'll get reversed at least once.

if gomi has anything it's his ability to not be finished. so he's
definitely got that going for him.

if ralph's last fight is of any indication... inactivity and age don't
seem to be much of a factor for him, so i don't know how much
you'd want to consider them when trying to figure out an

First off, when has anyone ever seen Ralph walk around at 180? No way. He is probably on the lighter side of the 170s pound.

Second, BJ and Ralph's game's are not similar (with the exception of the closed gaurd).

BJ's stand-up is cleaner and more technical. BJ's takedowns are fucking awesome (look at the gomi fight), and BJ's takedown defense is great. He passes way different than Ralph does as well.

Ralph's takedowns are shit. He uses the same takedowns that were used 10 years ago. As for Ralph's takedown defense...well, mishimi took him down a lot. One thing about Ralph's stand-up though. His stand-up is ugly, but he has power behind his punches. I know that for a fact.

Ralph surprised everyone with his fight with Mishimi. So, because of that, the same can be said about a fight with gomi. But what makes Ralph's MMA unique is that he will have the same gameplan and style of the gracie fighters of 10 years ago...but he will put so much attitude behind it that he will be a force to reckon with. The key for anyone is to weather the storm when fighting Ralph. Once Ralph gets tired, then he will be vulnerable, because a lot of his stuff will not be a surprise.

One last thing about ralph, even though gi-less is not his specialty, he is one of the best in MMA on the ground for the lightweight division. He got to Mishimi's back (Mishimi was saved by the bell), he almost got an armbar and a kimura as well.

Does anyone know if this fight is a rumor or not?

Ralph did a really good job with Mishima. He's not one-dimensional like the other Gracies. He can actually box, and was nailing Mishima left and right. He also pulled off some awesome reversals, near submissions, that are rarely seen against someone of Mishima's caliber. Throw in the fact that he's super-intense/aggressive with lots of power. Ralph is a potential top 5 fighter, he just needs to get more fights in.

Gomi on the otherhand has a granite chin, has heavy hands, and is the toughest fighter to takedown or control at 155.

Even Sakuraba says that Ralph is the best Gracie.

"Gomi is a boring as fuck fighter. He has great ground control, that's about it. He punches just as hard as Royce Gracie as evident in his last fight Jadson Costa...."

LOL! Name the Gomi fights you have seen. You are very wrong as well as an idiot.


Ralph doesnt get tired. He has sick cardio.

I know Ralph is planning on fighting soon, but haven't heard of an

Ralph these days is about 170. I don't think he's ever cut weight
before, but if he wanted to I think he could make 155.

After years of being away from an actual fight, and taking the fight
with Mishima I figure Ralph was about 70% of his potential in the
Mishima match. Now after watching the Gom-Penn fight I think this is
a good match up for Ralph, but what the hell, I'm super biased
anyways. :)

Ralph's cardio is nothing special. Because he is super intense he comes out hard. Which makes him vulnerable of gassing faster. The second time he fought Nelson, that is what happened.

When did Sakuraba say Ralph was the best Gracie? That is a nice compliment from such an accomplished fighter.